February 7, 2009

Es Dawet

Another Indonesian traditional drink is Es Dawet. If Wedang Secang is to remove the cold from your body, in contrary Es Dawet will make you cool and fresh. Es Dawet is nice to be enjoyed on the hot day an serve chilled with ice. It contains dawet, slices of jack fruit, coconut milk, palm sugar sauce and of course: crunch of ice. The taste is sweet, salty, cool and refreshing.

Some people have a mix conception of dawet and cendol. Actually they both are almost the same, the only different is in the ingredient to make them. Dawet uses rice flour whereas cendol uses hungkwe flour. Their taste are almost the same and delicious.

To make dawet: prepare 150 grams of rice flour, 50 grams of tapioka/cassava flour, 450 ml of water and 50 ml of pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius) leaf water (blend several pandan leaves with the water and then filter it). The pandan water will give a nice green color and also a nice smell. Boil all of the ingredients above until they are boiled and them pour them in a hot condition to the dawet shape maker. Keep pushing them to make them come out of the bottom of the shape maker. Place a container, filled with ice and water, below it to receive the dawet. This will make them hard but elastic.

While waiting for the dawet harden, we can prepare the sauce. Boil 1 liter of coconut milk, several pandan leaves, salt and palm sugar. Turn of the stove to cool the sauce. Prepare slices of jack fruit as an add on. Put the dawet, sauce, jack fruit and ice in a glass, and it's ready to be enjoyed.

Don't forget to try this natural yet tasty beverage when you visit Indonesia. You can find it anywhere from streets to five star hotel. I guarantee that you will like it. Enjoy!

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